Carousel Pullover, Knitty Spring + Summer 2014


After waiting not so patiently for months, I feel like I can finally announce one of my favorite things, Spring is Springing! And agrees! Today their new issue went live and we welcome their Spring + Summer 2014 collection which features my design and pattern: Carousel!

A whirling dervish of a knit that is not only worked in the round, Carousel can be worn differently by turning it around and around with a neckline that pirouettes according to your whim.

Worked outwards from a center cast on, Carousel is comprised of 4 cabled panels for the front and back. Once these four panels have grown to the appropriate size, each panel is placed on a holder, and the front and back are joined by uniting the matching pairs. Each of the four parts are again worked in the round to create sleeves, a hem, and a collar any way you spin it.

Perfectly symmetrical when finished, the charts may look complicated but once in the rhythm, Carousel flies off the needles. Lightweight and breezy, this is a merry-go-round of a knit, perfect for warmer days.

A really fun piece to knit, and the color is right on trend for the Spring 2014 season.






Sweater: Carousel Pullover, by Julie LeFrancois, available for free in the Spring + Summer 2014 issue of

  • Dress: Condesa Maxi Dress, Anthropologie. No longer available.
  • Cuff: Anthropologie. No longer available.
  • Shoes: Nine West platform sandals, Similar here

7 thoughts on “Carousel Pullover, Knitty Spring + Summer 2014

    1. Thanks for the comment and compliment! I am checking out your blog, and my toddler is sleeping and I don’t want to wake him so I must wait until tomorrow, but I can’t wait to hear your podcast with Stephanie Dosen. Looks really cool.


  1. Hi. I’m the sweater just under you in Knitty! I just wanted to tell you how much I liked the clever construction of your sweater. Very fun. I’m definitely putting it on my list.


    1. Thanks for commenting 🙂 Yes, I just love that you can do very unique things with knitting, it is really fun to explore new techniques and construction methods. I checked out your website and blog, cool stuff!


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