Spring is Springing. Part 2: Spring Green Cloche

Buy The Spring Green Cloche Knitting Pattern for $2.00 US

My mother will be thrilled to see this post.

You see, I made the purple version of this hat last spring, and finished right about on Mother’s Day. My Mom claimed it before it even came off my needles. So, almost a year later, less a season or so, and at Christmas, after all the gifts were opened she was looking around for one more. I asked her what it was, thinking it was one that she’d brought that went missing, to which she replied, “I thought I was getting that purple hat?”

Alas, no. I had to complete one more sample, and take pictures, and then finally, the purple hat would be hers.

The purple version is in the color “lilac” which is discontinued, Knitpicks Comfy Sport. I just didn’t want to publish a pattern with a discontinued color as the only shown colorway. But what other color to pick?

I knew I needed something for spring, as that is exactly what this hat felt like it was made for. How about that Honeydew color? Shocking, I know, but I have never knit anything in Green. It’s not really my color.

So, come the end of January, I decided that I NEEDED to get this puppy done. Into the queue it went for my big “FebOne” deadline. I knit the entire light-green cloche in a day, finding that I needn’t make any adjustments to my pattern. Hooray!

The buttons were the big problem though. See, I didn’t have any, and ANYONE who has tried to pick out buttons knows, it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to find good ones. I trekked over at almost 9 pm on a Thursday night, leaving the baby with Daddy and dinner at home. After twenty minutes of sitting on the floor and button-hunting, I chose the same buttons used in my purple hat. Thank goodness that the place I bought them from still had a few left. They’re cute, and with the Green hat they’re tone-on-tone, which, as we have already established, is my current obsession.

Sadly, the pattern didn’t get published by FebOne. The kink in my neck and lack of time to take pictures is what held this one—and really all of the others—up. In the long run, however, I think that it worked out for the best. When I put it on this week, during my new-found spring motivation I found that I LOVED the color. When I finished it two weeks ago, I was in such a mad rush to get everything done I didn’t take the time to stop and smell the roses. I am not sure that I even put it on after I finished it.

Thank goodness Ramon opened all of the windows on Monday morning. When I felt the spring breeze waft in and heard the little birds-a-chirpin’ out there everything about this hat just felt right. Pattern done, I only needed the pictures and I find it is ALWAYS easier to take pictures of my hand-made things when I am happy. And then, the HARDEST part, the name. It just came to me in all of the day’s spring glory. So simple!

Spring Green Cloche, Avalible through my portfolio site, Feather Press Knits.

A fun and quick springtime knit.

In Northern California our winters our mild at best, but this doesn’t stop the urge for prolonged days of knittery during those blustery months and beyond. Wool only goes so far in these warmer climates, and by mid-march it is often already to warm for fleece and other natural fibers from our furry friends. But where there is a will there is a way. As the days grow longer and I find that I am just not ready for the warm and wooly knitting season to be over I am falling head over heals for spring-time knits.

To be honest, cotton is not my favorite fiber to knit with, that was, at least, until I found Knitpicks Comfy Sport: a soft, friendly to knit 75% cotton & 25% acrylic blend. With the Easter Bunny soon to be hopping our way, I am already finding myself enjoying my Spring Green Cloche! Even with smaller needles this hat is a quick knit, with a fun, rhythmic textured pattern, and decreases that create a beautiful hexagon. Light as a feather, and cute as a button.

With the unusual horizontal ribbing, I have included a tutorial for how to integrate the finished ribbing with the beginning of the rest of the cloche with both written instructions and pictures. This cloche is worn with a slight slouch, and the soft hand of this textured stitch and cotton blend yarn it has a wonderful drape.

So Mom, you can enjoy your spring now, too. Your purple hat is ready for you, and for the bright-cheerful spring ahead!

Buy The Spring Green Cloche Knitting Pattern for $2.00 US


3 thoughts on “Spring is Springing. Part 2: Spring Green Cloche

  1. Have you been to the Button store on w 3rd street in LA? I was impressed when I went because the entire store is devoted to buttons, including antique ones.


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