Spring is Springing. Part 1: Cowell Beach Beret

Buy The Cowell Beach Beret Knitting Pattern for $4.00 US

I do believe that that silly old groundhog was right this year. Yesterday I woke up and Ramon and the windows in the kitchen open. Light was pouring in and the birds were chirping. Holy cow, it is already spring. Then, I stepped outside to put my basil plant on the table for some of this lovely weather, and boom, 45°F.

Okay, so it’s not quite spring yet, but I do tell you, Spring is Springing out there!

Back when I created Cowl Beach, I also had in mind a Beret. Well I started it last fall using my final skein of Spud and Chloe Sweater in Beluga, the same yarn as the cowl. And then it accidentally fell off of my radar. until January. I only had the decreasing left, which was quickly completed. Originally, my goal was to have this published on February 1st, or 12 days ago. Alas, I just couldn’t fit all of this in. Mommy-time came first. I was able to get three of my 7 patterns published by that date, and then the gloom of cold of a few rainy days and February weather stopped me from from staying very long in Motivation-Town.

I finished the hat on the eve of January 30th. It looked like it would be in time for my deadline. I updated my pattern with my final notes, but I still had that darn tutorial to do for how to pick up the stitches from the horizontal, ribbed, overlapped brim. I didn’t want to just explain how to do it. Often, instructions can be confusing. I am a visual person, and like to have things explained both ways when I come across something now. Right after finishing the hat I threw it in my washing tub, and then pulled it over a plate, and into the oven it went.

Wait. What?

Yes, the oven. I set the oven to just over 130°F to dry some of my knitwear after washing. First of all, I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE ELSE DOING THIS, OR CONDONE IT IN ANY WAY! Secondly, with the move going on, I really just don’t have anywhere else to block my work. Third. I was on a time crunch, and with no sun out, and short days wool takes FOREVER to dry. The dry heat of the oven on super low helps me speed things up a bit. I keep a super accurate thermometer going at all times to make sure that I don’t put anyone in any danger, but again, let me stress, Kids, DON’T do this!

The next morning the hat still had quite a bit left to dry. With the plate in there, not all of the moisture could escape and evaporate, so I flipped it over, and decided to revel for a moment at how proud I felt about having so little yarn left. It is no secret that I like to try to use my materials to their fullest potential. I am VERY happy that I finished this hat with only one skein of Spud and Chloe Sweater, and had just a tiny amount left! I put it next to this lego for a size comparison.

Okay, it was really a little more than that. That is really a Mega Block. But still, that is very little left, and something to be proud of.

Please note the the strawberries on the Little Buckaroo’s face. Strawberries are his favorite.

After publishing my Twenty for Five Pullover, Levieva Sweater, and Carried Away Cowl I ran out of steam.

Then, this week started out on a truly great note!

On Monday, we just had the most fabulous day ever. Ramon stayed home from the new house remodel for the first time in two and a half months. He took the baby and I over to Santa Cruz for breakfast, and to enjoy the beautiful day. I was hoping to get some pictures of this hat then, but it was so bright, and so sunny picture taking was pretty much impossible.

Please note the crashing wave on the rocks in front of Ramon and the Little Buckaroo’s baby hand holding the stroller.

We went for a walk past beautiful Cowl Beach, and up past the light-house. The waves were huge, and there, amongst the seagulls and surfers I found my motivation again.

Perhaps it was from having a day off from the usual routine. Perhaps it was having Ramon home, and knowing that I could take “the long shower” without worrying about Little Screamy-Pants. Whatever it was when we got back I was able to get to work, and now we have Part 1 of Spring is Springing, at long last my new Cowell Beach Beret Knitting Pattern.

As a tribute to one of my favorite places, I have created a cowl named Cowl Beach, with continuous crashing waves of its own. As a companion piece, I have created this beret, which uses exactly 1 skein of Spud & Chloe Sweater. With the unusual horizontal ribbing, I have included a tutorial for how to integrate the finished ribbing with the beginning of the rest of the beret with both written instructions and pictures. Also included, is the same tutorial that I diligently developed for Cowl Beach (the Cowl), showing how to create the waves seamlessly in the round. A feat which I worked very hard to figure out and accomplish and feel very proud of.

Buy The Cowell Beach Beret Knitting Pattern for $4.00 US


4 thoughts on “Spring is Springing. Part 1: Cowell Beach Beret

    1. Spud and Chloe Sweater is a staple of mine, I just love it. From your about page it looks like you’re in Colorado, so i hope you can find it locally!

      Av word about the oven drying/blocking … I have scorched wool before, and i only do natural fibers, no synthetic (acrylic, nylon, etc). It all started out by thinking, “If a sheep were standing in the sun … “


      1. I found Spud and Chloe at one of my favorite Denver stores, Fancy Tiger! So excited to start my next top. Thanks again! And I’ll be sure to take your advice about blocking in the oven, but I agree with your sheep-in-the-sun logic too!


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