Carried Away Cowl, the Whole Story. A Free Knitting Pattern

This pattern is available for free on my portfolio website, click here.

When I went into the stash to dig out the yarn to finish my Levieva Dropped Sleeve Raglan Pullover I stumbled upon my two single hanks of Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande, one each in Light Blue and Stone blue, and I admit, I got a little Carried Away. I stopped what I was doing, and made this cowl immediately. I know, I know. I have a policy of only one knitting project at once. By my mother is always telling me to use bigger needles, and bigger wool (yes, I know that this is alpaca, oh sumptuous, snuggly alpaca) and maybe I needed a break from trying to get all of my projects done by my self-imposed deadline. However, then I guess, this became a project all on its own now, didn’t it.

I bought this yarn two years ago, to make the exact cowl you see now. Only thing was, my knitting skill wasn’t quite up to par. Brioche ribbing? I tried, and tried again, but at the time, only failure lay before me. Now, looking back, it is so easy, so simple. This cowl flew off my needles, and I made it in an afternoon. I always find it so satisfying to finish a project so quickly, especially when it 1. comes out the way that I imagined 2. is still fashionable, and didn’t inherit any “craftiness” in the short project process, and 3. When I have used my beautiful materials to the fullest. As I started this project, after I did my quick gauge swatch, I decided that I wanted a total of 11 stripes, instead of 9. However, by stripe 5 I could see that my lighter blue Baby Alpaca Grande might not stretch into an 11th row. In fact, I was worried that I wouldn’t even have enough for 9. I really wanted the symmetry of an uneven number of stripes. I felt it would be more “finished.” I’d been thinking of this cowl for two years, and now that I wasn’t sure I had enough yarn I thought all might be ruined.

But hast doesn’t always make waste. When I did m gauge swatch I didn’t measure the height accurately enough, and found that after 9 stripes my cowl was gloriously tall enough. In fact, after 9 stripes I felt that 10 or 11 stripes was actually going to be way too much. Good thing I was running out of yarn.

After completing the bind-off row, I looked down and realized that I had made it to the end, in one afternoon, and with, literally, 2 yards to spare. I cannot express enough how much I love to maximize my materials. 2 yards! Oh lucky me.

This yarn is so soft, snugly, warm, luxurious. I cannot say enough great things about it. Clearly I feel very fondly of it, as my Flynnie Wide Weave Raglan Pullover is also crafted of this same beautiful two-ply.

I have also added a tutorial for the brioche rib, which is linked both here, and in the pattern on my portfolio site.

Please enjoy!

©2013 Julie LeFrancois. All Rights Reserved. Please respect copyright law and Do Not Reproduce in any form. Duplication & distribution of this pattern in any form without express permission of the author is a violation of copyright law: You may not make multiple copies of this pattern, reformat it for commercial use or resale, or sell items made from this pattern. Your respect for copyright law allows me to keep bringing you new and interesting designs. Write with feedback or errata at: projecthallway AT


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