Fashion Friday: Twenty for Five

Sometimes, I just cannot believe how long it takes to get something done! Oh my Goodness!!

I finished this beautiful, grey marl sweater almost a month ago, but because I couldn’t get pictures taken, it could not be blogged. I have decided to buy a little bit of advertising space on for some of my patterns, and I am using it as an excuse to finally get all of my current and previously unpublished patterns uploaded and posted. So, finally, here is one of my new favorites, my Twenty for Five Pullover! (The pattern links are found through my portfolio, on

Stitches born from resolutions, I felt I needed to start out the New Year on the right foot. Twenty for Five is exactly what this sweater cost to make. The day before our annual New Years trip to Lake Tahoe I found this yarn, or course, on sale. In the middle of moving, I knew I couldn’t stash it, as my stash boxes were already in our new home, currently in the midst of a remodel. So I took my 5 skeins to the snow, and in five days I had written this pattern, and knit this beautiful sweater, which is one that I am very proud to add to my collection.

Also, I am going to try something new. I see other fabulous little fashionistas posting their fab outfits. So, I think that I am going to try to start doing the same. Yes, I pretty much only go to the grocery store and the park these days, but that doesn’t mean I can’t share my favorite clothes with someone. The baby may not care, or the other moms, or even you, but why not have a little fun, anyway.

Also, I feel I must apologize for my lack of shoe creativity. I thought we were going to be moving two months ago, instead of later this month, and all of my shoes already got packed, except a few pairs that, sadly, no longer have boxes.

Anyway, without any further adieu:

Juicy Couture, Military Wool Cape
Feather Press Knits, Twenty for Five Pullover
Anthropologie, Ombre Flora Crops
L-A-M-B, Finsbury Pumps, circa Spring 2009


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