Gwennie Striped Scarf, and the Arrival of Autumn

Gwennie Striped Scarf, Free Knitting Pattern

The other night Ramon and I were sitting outside enjoying this beautiful Indian Summer we’re having in Northern California. We have been working on perfecting our Cuban Corn recipe, inspired from our NYC trip back in May. At 7:30 in the evening, with our steak and Cuban Corn hot off the grill, it was still about 80° outside. Enjoying our wine, conversation it really was the perfect evening. I even got some knitting in. Later in the evening I tried to use the corn silk from the Cuban corn to embroider with for my couture sewing class, which was the only part of the evening that wasn’t perfect. Do note though, it can be done.

However, the next morning as I was driving to meet up with Trina for coffee and time in the park, I realized that it is actually Autumn now. It really snuck up on me, but the mild breeze and the crispness in the air, a few leaves changing colors can mean only one thing. Mid-observation, I had an idea, I thought that now, with fall fast approaching, that I should share my pattern for my favorite scarf.

Originally inspired by my hair icon’s Graphic fashion sense, Gwen Stefani, this scarf that has great knit texture, but is super simple to make. And, It is no big shocker that I love stripes, either. 😉

Some of the other knitting patterns I have written:

I use a machine washable blend for this—2 complete hanks of Berroco Vintage, 1 in white, and 1 in black—but one could really use any worsted weight yarn, and make it any length or width that they wanted. This fun, simple knitting project is a great way to add a little texture without having to do anything complicated. Great for a beginner, but fun for any knitting skill level.


In celebration of our forthcoming Autumn, and without further adieu, the Gwennie Striped Scarf!

Want to see my Tutorial on how to create that beautiful Selvedge Edge while Carrying Up the Non-Working Color? Check out my tutorial!



Finished Measurements
8″ wide x 62″ long
[40 cm  wide by 158 cm long ]


  • Color A: Berroco Vintage (50% Acrylic/40% Wool/10% Nylon, 100g, 214 yds / 198 m): 1 hank in #5145 Cast Iron (Black)
  • Color A: Berroco Vintage (50% Acrylic/40% Wool/10% Nylon, 100g, 214 yds / 198 m): 1 hank in #5101 Mochi (White)


  • Size US 7 [4.5 mm]


With size US 7  [4.5 mm] needles in Scarf Texture Pattern

  • 22 sts and 32 rows = 4”x4” [10 x 10 cm)


  • Tapestry Needle, to sew in ends.


Scarf Texture Pattern is worked in K2 P2 Rib Stitch on RS, and all K sts on WS.


With Color A (black), CO 42 Sts ( Multiple of 4 + 2)

On RS: SL 1, K1, Work in P2, K2 Rib Stitch ending with K2.
On WS: Sl 1, K across.
Repeat Prevous 2 rows, 6 more times (Total of 14 rows)

With Color B (white), Work 1 stripe, Continuing to carry color A up the side of the work by twisting the yarns.

Work Scarf until you have 29 stripes, alternating colors each 14 rows, ending with a stripe in Color A.

BO All sts. Block Scarf to lay flat.


Wow, wasn’t that easy?

©2012 Julie LeFrancois. All Rights Reserved.
Please respect copyright law and Do Not Reproduce in any form. Duplication & distribution of this pattern in any form without express permission of the author is a violation of copyright law: You may not make multiple copies of this pattern, reformat it for commercial use or resale, or sell items made from this pattern. Your respect for coypright law allows me to keep bringing you new and interesting designs. Write with feedback or errata via my contact page. Thank you.


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