In Her Shoes: Diamond Beanie Knitting Pattern.

Click Here to Purchase the Diamond Slouchy Beanie Pattern on for $2.00 US

Click Here to Purchase the Diamond Slouchy Beanie Pattern on for $2.20 US

I bought this yarn to make a Christmas gift for a girlfriend of mine. However, I ran out of time to start, and, much less finish the project before Christmas. My original idea was to turn it into a scarf, and in early January, I tried this, no less than 23 times. After that I kept trying, but lost count. Nothing seemed to work quite right, or look quite right. Then, I got the news. My friend was in the hospital receiving chemotherapy for acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Out of privacy and respect, until I receive her permission, I will not be publishing her name, but I would like to take a moment to do something for her. As the first woman I have connected with in a long time, we often find ourselves together over shoes. Her shoe closet put’s Carrie’s to shame, and she’s been wearing Manolo’s since before HBO gave us all an education. Since she is in the hospital receiving chemo for the next few weeks, I want to give her additional support end encouragement through our stilettos.

To show your support for my friend, take a walk in her shoes for a day. Lets fight Leukemia together!

Since she cannot step out in her shoes, I am asking you to step out in yours, and share the experience.

  • During the week of January 31–February 6, 2011, wear your favorite pair of shoes out somewhere. It doesn’t have to be all day, it can even just be to the grocery store. They don’t have to be heels, but they should be your favorite, or best shoes.
  • If you can, take a picture (iPhone, Android, dumb phone, camera) and if you can post it to the Project Hallway facebook page, her support group, if you are a member, or email it to me at projecthallway at, I will share it with her.
  • If you’re up for it, write a caption: share what the shoes are, why they are your favorites, and where you wore them.

I know that the additional support will help her through this, and the captions for your pictures will give her something to read while on the road to recovery.

For my personal girlfriends that wear a size 7, if you can wear heels, I will lend you ANY of my shoes for a day. McQueen, Louboutin, Dior, Manolo, Lamb. I will even bring them to you to wear, if you will post a picture and a caption to the Project Hallway facebook page

Please help show your support!

And now, back to the knitting pattern.

Often I hear people saying that you need to listen to the fabric or yarn you are using for a project, to learn what it wants to do. I have believed this only to a certain degree, until I found Malabrigo Rios in Purple Mystery, color #30: the yarn that I used for this project. She asked me to make her some hats, and only then was I able to listen to the yarn. I wanted to create something special, and new for her. After working with it in the pattern for my Taylor Swift Beret, I could see that the details would sing with this beautiful yarn. So, I created a new pattern, a derivative of my previous pattern.

The diamonds for your style, the purple mystery for your beauty, and the cable knots are from each one of us support group.

This hat isn’t as large or as slouchy as the beret, and does fit a bit more like a beanie. The diamond pattern is much more dense, and there are many more diamonds in it, creating a lovely pattern.

I originally made the pattern free, however, upon discovering that others were taking the pattern, making and selling item after item for a nice profit, sadly, without a credit or a donation, I have decided to request a very small fee for my pattern work, so that I can continue to come up with new ideas and patterns.

Click Here to Purchase the Diamond Slouchy Beanie Pattern on for $2.00 US

Click Here to Purchase the Diamond Slouchy Beanie Pattern on for $2.20 US

If any Errata are found, or thoughts about the pattern come up, I would love to hear them. Please feel free to respond on my blog, on (user: projecthallway) or send me an email at projecthallway AT



©2012 Julie LeFrancois. All Rights Reserved.
Please respect copyright law and Do Not Reproduce in any form. Duplication & distribution of this pattern in any form without express permission of the author is a violation of copyright law: You may not make multiple copies of this pattern, reformat it for commercial use or resale, or sell items made from this pattern. Your respect for coypright law allows me to keep bringing you new and interesting designs. Write with feedback or errata via my contact page. Thank you.


8 thoughts on “In Her Shoes: Diamond Beanie Knitting Pattern.

  1. I’m all thumbs, never could get the thing with crochet or knitting. Moms tried several times. I can do other needle work but it’s been a long time.
    I like the idea with the shoes. I will do my best to see if I can take some pics. Still on a learning curve with all these electronic gizmos. She’s an old neighbor, a dear friend and I love her very much.
    I can see by all the FB messages she is loved by many.
    God Bless her and you for beginning this neat blog for her.PH


  2. It’s a new day and thought I better sign on to walk in her shoes. I don’t have any pics yet. Still new to learning how to. Right now I’m wearing a comfy pair of dark blue slippers.


  3. I just started knitting this hat. I am knitting the Adult Medium, cast on 112, finished rows B-I. The rows J-L working in P2, K4, P2 RIB doesn’t come out right for 112 stitches. Help. Also, I don’t understand the cable pattern on rows 13, 17, 37 and 41


    1. Basically, when you switch over to the second ribbing, (the rows J-L working in P2, K4, P2 RIB ) a multiple of 8 stitches to repeat, your total number of 112 sts is divisible by 8 (p2,k4,p2) which equals 14. So you should be able to repeat this p2,k4,p2 14 times in row J, then another 14 times in row K and L.

      112 sts will work for these rows so perhaps there is an error somewhere? Perhaps you can try counting the stitches? If you are short, you can probably spread out any increases necessary over row J, so that you don’t have to start over. If you have too many stitches, you may be able to k2tog over row J to get the right number of stitches.

      In the chart, the grey squares mean that there is no stitch. You just simply ignore those boxes (until the increases when they become filled with content as you add stitches), and move right onto the next repeating section.

      Not sure if this makes sense … please let me me know if you’re still having trouble.


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